Sunday, 28 September 2014

Kickass Torrents, go'n fuck yourself !

I was member of the Kickass-Community for almost 2 years.

During the time I met a lot of Members and of course Forum Moderators, Staff and Admins.
I'm not going into the deficiencies of the forum, there are plenty (suggestions to improve the forum are ignored most of the time although they have a so called "idea box"), but since my membership has been cancelled and my IP banned by horrorhound, I now feel to come forward to let others know about my experiences. Kickass is run by a bunch of aggressive maniacs. If you're in touch by PM with one of them, you better prepare to lick balls because they expect you to be obedient like a slave. As a regular member you have the lowest rank = you're worthless. Even reputable uploaders are being treated like shit as one has told me not long ago. However, I want to state that there are absolutely lovely members and Admins / Moderators, but they're in the vast minority. Most of them behave like little retards.

Kickass, go'n fuck yourself !
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