Sunday, 6 July 2014

Flash Games

I saw her standing there
This is a game about zombies, guns, love and dealing with your girlfriend when she turns into a zombie. Also it's about jumping on platforms and not falling to your death. Maybe there's pancakes in there too, or the ability to fly.

Legend tells us the story of King Midas, granted a gift by Pan so that all he touched would turn to gold. Sadly, like with many gifts from the Gods, irony soon reared it's ugly head. Bread in his mouth would turn to glittering stone. Water would become a molten poison. And worst of all, he would find that his loved ones were not immune to its effects.

 You must guide the king to his love, but not before you reach the river that will wash him of his "gift". Every block you touch while "gifted" will turn to gold, making them heavier. Most importantly, this means floating blocks will start to fall.

In the adventure game Sequester your sister has died in a car accident. She got stuck between two worlds. Help her to cross and find peace again solving the mysteries in your dreams.

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