Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lazy People


Do you know of any?
Are you one?
I admire them
Way more than workaholics

Laziness comes from justifiable demotivation
Justifiable because our system is rotten
Grow up, Work, Get old and die

Do not try to convince a lazy person that life is anything else but that
They are too conscious of the reality
But we are not born lazy
We are born adventuress, curious, observant and with a hunger to learn
So what makes a child, full of life, become lazy later on?
Reality hits, then the sentiment of unacceptance, and finally the despair of never finding a solution
So laziness is a result of being aware of life's realities
This does not necessarily mean that workaholics are less conscious of this reality
It just means that they deal the sentiment of powerlessness differently
So there you go
Next time you meet a lazy person
Stop them and ask questions
That person might have a thing or two to teach you
As much as you might have things to share with him or her


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